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Creating music products is simple. Select what you need, design it (or tell us to), place your order, and we ship it... The end. Fill out the form on this page to get started.

We're experts at design and branding of music-related products and activations. We can fulfill orders for all the standard merchandise items a musician would need (CDs, t-shirts, stickers, etc.) but we can also go way beyond "standard" if you want to create something custom. For instance, say you're in a band called The Paper Machetes. Well, you should be selling CDs and t-shirts... but... you should also have paper machetes at your merch table, and those machetes should probably come with a song you wrote, and they should be priced below your CDs at around $5. Don't you think? No, you don't have to think - That's the point! Let us do that so you can keep making music.


When everyone started pressing vinyl, ANP helped The Sundresses create the ultimate counter-point. A faux vinyl, digital-download packed with never-ending live content.

Kick Drum QR

These removable vinyl bass drum emblems can deliver music from the stage via QR code or they can just have awesome artwork. The Pinstripes are one of the best when it comes to connecting with an audience, and this particular project reinforced that reputation.

Guitars Picks

The band is The Guitars. These are Guitars Picks that come with music from the first ANP UltraSession. Low-cost, maybe a little on the nose, but they worked and the band was happy.


Bars and music venues often sell ear plugs. Bands play in bars and music venues. We figured out the obvious.

CDs and Smart Buttons

CDs are still as standard as it gets these days, and we make those, of course. We also make smart buttons that deliver music to your fans via download. The ones pictured here came with a packet of flower seeds - because the album is called "Before It Grows."

Smart Lighters

Custom lighters that came with music from The Dukes. The band smoked a lot. Their fans smoked a lot. It just made sense!


To get started, download the template you need for your project:

Smart Buttons

Kick Drum Emblems

CDs & DVDs