The Carnegie Rebrand

The All Night Party worked with Interbrand to help develop a new identity for The Carnegie in Covington. ANP's job was to place the new identity for the Carnegie across its physical and digital properties. Most importantly, this identity had be carried out on their website, which ANP developed for their CMS system. The rebrand consisted of new content, curated images and a new architecture to the website. This new structure gave the Carnegie the pride and ability to reach out to patrons and fans in a new and more compelling way. The rebrand extended to new business cards, brochures, branded onsite posters, postcards and letterhead/envelopes. ANP was proud to help out such a historic tri-state place with an important rebranding campaign.

First Financial Bank

The All Night Party was challenged with licensing a top 40 song for a First Financial Bank commercial and keep it on budget, we had to think outside the box. An original composition was written and recorded in Cincinnati, proving to be just as successful as a campaign.

MPMF.11 Mobile Web App

Built for the 2011 Midpoint Music Festival, The All Night Party created the ultimate guide to the festival for iPhones and Androids. Created by Brian Niesz, the guide gave information about venues, bands and schedules. It even caught the attention of WCPO and became the unofficial guide to MPMF 2011. The way the download of the app was set up allowed for it to download on to your phone faster than normal apps and was able to run on any smart phone. The innovation of this MPMF guide was the perfect example of how The All Night Party likes to make useful products that continuously grow and improve. At the start of MPMF 11, two buttons were added to the app, a festival guide that featured some selected "must-see" shows and an information button on The All Night Party.

Cincinnati Bell Wireless

The All Night Party displayed the strength of using real bands in advertising campaigns when they licensed music from Sohio and Giant Wow to Cincinnati Bell Wireless. These campaigns proved the value of to using regional music for regional commercial spots; they had more views than previous campaigns thanks to fans of the bands who, of course, shared it with their friends.

The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams

In August 2012, the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation invited members and fans to play the Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams at the Herzog studio. The All Night Party was asked to help commemorate the Hank Williams sessions and in doing this, handcut limited edition postcards with art by Keith Neltner were given out with download codes for a limited edition digital EP which The All Night Party provided. The sessions were recorded, mixed and mastered by the All Night Party live at Herzog Studios.


Released in February of 2012, Radius was the first "game-sourced" film. The project began at MPMF in 2011. Midpoint Music Festival-goers were encouraged to upload content (photos, videos, etc) from their mobile phones as they played the Radius "game" and attended the festival. The All Night Party curated the music and provided the music licenses for the soundtrack of the movie, which also featured fan remixes of 15 local bands. The project engaged the entire community, from music fans and music creators working alongside digital agencies, sound houses and film studios, to showcase a thriving arts scene.

Sundresses Music Pizza

Brainstorming a new way to promote local music alongside local restaurants, The All Night Party teamed up with Northslice Pizza to offer music in a whole new way. The big idea was to help Northslice engage it's customers in a meaningful way through music, while promoting the release of a new live record, Sundresses OFF. Northslice was in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside, part of a thriving art and music scene (anchored by the greatest independent record store of all time, ShakeIt Records) with hip music venues that draw local, regional and national acts. So music was a natural way to connect Northslice with the community it served. The release show for Sundresses OFF featured the new record, took place a couple doors down the street at Northside Tavern, and featured the Northslice "Sundresses Music Pizza" for hungry fans. It was a great promotion all around. It stood out from the crowd and showed that you can deliver music in a fresh and creative way that engages business, the community, and music fans.

Serving up music in creative ways is one of our main goals. In fact, this idea was so great that three years later, Taylor Swift tried the same thing with Papa John's pizza... three years later. The option of music as a topping at Northslice continued on until their closing.

Midwest By Southwest Tour

Midwest by Southwest was a huge tour put together by The All Night Party to feature four bands and their tour to and from South by Southwest in Austin, Texas 2012. The undertaking was huge and successful on many different levels. Over 30 different stories/mentions appeared in the media about the various bands and their journey. The bands included Whiskey Daredevils(Cleveland), Oh My Me(Lexington), The Sundresses and Wussy as well as being joined by The Lions Rampant and the Seedy Seeds at SXSW. The All Night Party was the first Cincinnati music company to host an official showcase stage at the festival in Austin. A kickstarter campaign was created to help the bands cover their expenses. The tour launch at the Redmoor in Cincinnati was hosted by Scion and filmed for a local music TV show. HearPlugs were brilliantly marketed and given out before the Lions Rampant set at SXSW which included ear plugs packaged with downloads from all of the MWXSW bands, which were wildly successful. All in all, MWXSW was a huge undertaking that proved ANP could tackle on such a big challenges.