We've all heard it: that catchy tune from the popular show, and you just know that it's perfect for your next corporate video, film, tv spot (fill in the project here). Problem is, you're not sure how to get it, or if you can even afford it. Not to worry. If you are determined to have the catchy tune from the popular show, The All Night Party has the know-how to identify all relevant rights holders and publishers of the song, and can negotiate to get you a fair price. Sometimes the unexpected happens - the song is not licenseable, the major artist says no. We also represent a sizeable catalog of artists with fresh, original songs that not only capture the mood and spirit of your project, but can be customized for your particular needs. Need music? We've got it!


You need a song. Not just any song, but a song that fits your project to a "T." That's where we come in. Experts in music, because we are musicians, songwriters and engineers, we deliver highly creative original songs, branded themes and compositions that fit your project, your budget and your vision. No matter what type or project - advertising, tv, film or interactive media - we know how to drive the emotional connection between sight and sound.

When the music must be unique, let The All Night Party hook you up with the right composer and song.


It's a bit daunting to hit the Internet, Google a "song that sounds like (fill in your favorite artist)" and wade through the results. Can I license this? How do I work with this band? Is the music any good? Fret not - we are experienced music supervisors and partner with our clients to identify, research and license the right music to meet your needs, whether from our own catalog, or from a major label.

We have the ability to leverage our authentic relationships with bands to offer customization of tracks too. We can edit arrangements, change vocals or re-sing lyrics for many of the songs in our catalog.

Ambition is part of our DNA. When you have a complex music project with many moving parts, we can make it happen.


Music is magical, but behind the scenes, there's a huge amount of technical skill and creative work that goes into making good music great. It's written, recorded, produced and polished by professionals, most of the time in a studio. With a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer on staff, along with top-notch CEA-winning producers and mixers, The All Night Party works with clients and bands alike to produce songs and sound projects from start to finish. Our studio can accommodate everyone from from a single person to a recording orchestra.

Services include: