Deep Bits

With over two decades of experience in the music business as an artist, engineer and producer, The All Night Party's Dave Davis has been a full time mastering engineer since 1995. He's accumulated a barrel's worth of credits including many Grammy, Cammy and CEA nominees and winners. Dave has mastered more records for more artists and labels (even majors) than any regional competitor (more credits here). He's the only full-time mastering engineer with such creds; Dave taught at University of Cincinnati's DAAP and chairs workshops for local artists and other pro mastering engineers through the Audio Engineering Society. His commitment to the art of making great records is unparalleled.

With package rates, a 2 song single might cost the same as a 5 song EP or a 15 song LP the same as a 10 song project. One size rarely fits all. The All Night Party devised a no-brainer solution: we made arrangements to work with our own gear, at select studios. This means you can work with the best engineer in town, at a price that makes sense for your particular project.

But reading about music is like dancing about architecture. Why not let us master one song (for free!*) so you can hear the difference yourself...

All ready to go? Submit your mastering project here

Unattended Package Music Mastering Rates:

CD XLP Package (Extended Length): $500 up to 18 songs, 79 min Total Run Time (TRT)

CD LP Package: $400; up to 12 songs, <50 min TRT

CD Single Package: $100 up to 2 songs, <10 min TRT

CD EP Package: $200 up to 5 songs, <20 min TRT

additional tracks for any of the above packages $30

DDP Masters available upon request, at no additional cost.

All packages include: CD Text, ISRC and UPC codes (client must provide text files and proof PQ text!)

Online Track Mastering Deals (file-based mastering):

Drop us a line, then send us a file/mix, and within 48 hours we'll send you a link to a fully mastered version.

**NOTE: These packages don't include replication master parts (CDs, DVDs, DDPs). These packages are not eligible for special LP package offers.

Single Song Mastering: $60/track <10 min Total Run Time

iTunes Album Mastering: $380; up to 12 songs, <50 min TRT

iTunes Extended Play Album Mastering: $480; up to 12 songs, <50 min TRT

Hourly Rates and Ala Carte Extras:

Hourly Attended Mastering: $100 or $120 or hour depending on room choice.

Digital Singles (track mastering, no parts): $60/track (No master sets! Prices for files only!)

Media Master Parts/Set: $50, includes 1 PMCD or DDP master, and up to 4 CD-R refs

Need it faster?

Express Turnaround Available for most projects:

  • 24 hour turnaround - add $100/title
  • 48 hour turnaround - add $50/title


*Offer good for only one song per artist or group (no, sorry we can't accept one song each from 10 performers on a record and master your album free!). Demos will not include your entire song, but an edited version for comparison.

If you like what you hear we can apply the same techniques to the entire song at normal rates. We require a WAV, AIFF or other lossless file format - mastering from MP3s or iTunes AACs tells you very little, and is a waste of time.