We have reach.

The All Night Party has a growing catalog of well-curated music. Our diverse catalog allows us to pitch your songs to a wider range of clients and companies. We're always looking for the appropriate calls for your music. Our catalog can give your songs a braoder reach.

Signing up is free, but we do curate for quality. If for some reason, we don't think your recordings are up to snuff, we'll tell you why and offer to help. These are usually technical, not artistic issues. Music itself is subjective, so there's no need to hurt anyone's feelings.

Ready to sign up?

To get started, grab The All Night Party's Licensing Sign Up packet to fill out and submit along with your music via mail or in person (we prefer direct contact to generic uploads to a web-dump, and our catalog is curated for quality and potential, so we listen to all works we receive).

If you're looking for more general information on licensing, check out The All Night Party's guide, "Copyrights, Licenses and Publishing Explained" (lots of details on copyrights, licensing, PROs, etc). It helps explain the terms and ideas in the sign-up packet.