For most musicians, music licensing is one the the last opportunities to make money in the industry. The All Night Party can get you in the game. We can't guarantee that we'll get you a huge bag of money but you can be sure that with ANP, you'll get a fair deal working with a great company!



Your music isn't complete until the songs have been mastered to sound great on every player and format. When it's destined for video, YouTube or if you mix in surround, it needs to be authored, combining sound with images and motion for web or DVD. Sometimes it needs menus designed for home theatre systems. These are all things The All Night Party does very well. Our engineers are voting Grammy and AES members, with years of experience making award-winning records. Our facilities are built around top-notch gear (including custom hardware and software of our own), and our workflow is Apple-approved for Mastered for iTunes delivery.



Music is magical, but behind the scenes, there's a huge amount of technical skill and creative work that goes into making good music great. It's written, recorded, produced and polished by professionals, most of the time in a studio. With a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer on staff, along with top-notch CEA-winning producers and mixers, The All Night Party works with clients and bands alike to produce songs and sound projects from start to finish. Our studio can accommodate everyone from from a single person to a recording orchestra.



The All Night Party offers an array of music products for musicians, artists, and businesses. They range from standard CDs and simple music-download buttons, to more complex projects such as The Sundresses' live album, Sundresses OFF, which was released as a digital download of the music packaged as if it were a 12" vinyl record. We can take your vision and budget, and design a music product that fits your needs. Get started or drop a line to Brad Schnittger to get started.