Taylor Swift Joins The Sundresses in the 21st Century

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we’re really pleased to see The Village Voice lauding Taylor Swift and her major label Big Machine for delivering music with pizza.¬†While it’s still a good idea, they should have called The All Night Party. Not only did we do this three years ago, we did it better!

The first difference is of course the pizza itself. The Sundresses Pizza was offered by Northslice Pizza, as opposed to cardboard Papa Johns (big mistake). Maybe Taylor’s demographic is older, whiter, and uncooler, in which case it makes some sense. The Sundresses Pizza was simply a better pie: the music was another topping alongside your preferences, and you got an entire pizza, not a dough-faced homage to Brad, Jeremy or Makenzie (Swift’s pie is smaller than a regular and larger than a small). Oops.

The Sundresses’ partner Northslice was intimately connected to Cincy’s music scene. Located in Northside Tavern, they served music fans daily until their closing (a couple years after this promotion).

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