Dave Davis – Partner, Chief

How many years of experience in the business? – I’ve been making music professionally since 1979 – first as a guitarist, then a live sound engineer at the infamous Jockey Club in Newport, and eventually became a recording engineer, as John Curley’s founding partner in Ultrasuede.  So a cringe-worthy 30+ years.  I worked for 7 years in the 90s as an a/v and graphic designer for a big pharmaceutical company.

What is your primary job in The All Night Party? (musician, recording engineer, numbers guy, etc.). — Visionary, crank, mastering engineer and designer of cool music products.

Where are you from? Where have you lived and for how long? — Born in Cincinnati, and have lived here most of my life (exceptions being my first year of college and 7 years in Marietta growing up).

Where do you get your best ideas? (from singing in the shower, working in the yard, listening to fave tunes, etc) — Driving – the longer the trip, the better the scheme!

What is your favorite band? — The only band that matters: The Clash!  (now you know why I like The Sundresses so much).

What’s playing on your iPod right now? — Dementia Precox “Maladie D’Espirit” from SCHP

Favorite thing in Cincinnati? (food, store, location, park, quirk of the city, etc.) — Shake It Records.

Favorite local music venue?The Southgate House

Favorite food?Strawberries and Chicken Vindaloo (though not together)

Favorite drink? — Guatemalan coffee, ice or brewed!

Nicknames? — dlincoln (conferred by a hassling cop while covering a story for Tension video magazine).

Secret fact about you that no one knows? – Hi, I’m Dave and I’m a tvholic.  Not only do I watch inordinate amounts of TV, I nail the story arc of must shows in the first 3 minutes, then spend the rest of the program critiquing the trajectory and guessing lines.  Yeah, annoying.